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Alulox has a wide range for the perfect publicity, from banner frames to illuminated sign frames. Products are available in different dimensions and colors in order to fulfill peoples wishes. By using quality materials we guarantee products that are eye catchers. Don't hesitate to look around, hopefully this is the beginning of a collaboration!


Our range includes banner frames. We divided these into 2 categories: pole and wall banners. Within each categorie there's more information further on this page. The frames are used for banners obviously and are available in different widths.


Is the location of your entrance not ideal? Do your customers or suppliers have difficulties with finding their way? Alulox shows you the way! We offer signage to make sure such scenes won't be reproduced. Which means you won't lose any more precious time.


We offer customized signs. For this range we have 2 products: banner and pole signs. You can find more information right below.

Illuminated signs

Within our range we have illuminated signs that keep your publicity highlighted at all times. By doing so we want to make sure your signs are always visible and that it keeps appealing to people. With our 2 different models, we give people a choice between a flat and a crosswise illuminated sign. The frame is made out of aluminum en these are available in multiple dimensions and colors, wether or not chosen by you. Don't hesitate to click through for more information.

Parking signs

Is your parking in need of just that little more clarity? Don't worry, Alulox is here to help you with its parking signs.


Within our range profiles range we have 2 kinds of profiles. The tension fabric profiles and the keder profiles. they're made out of aluminum and are available in black or white.


Een ander product dat we aanbieden zijn de reclamezuilen. We bieden deze aan in verschillende formaten om voor jou de ideale zuil te maken. Totems are other products we offer. These are offered in different sizes in order to manufacture the perfect publicity totem for you.

Sign frames

Onder ons assortiment sign frames hebben we 3 producten: de 2-palen, U- en H-profielen. De profielen hebben kokers in Inox en worden in de grond bevestigd. Ze zijn beschikbaar in verschillende formaten. Verder is er meer informatie te vinden. Within our sign frames we can manufacture 3 different kinds of frames: 2-poles, U-model and H-model. The profiles have tubes made out of stainless steel and are fixed in the ground. They're available in multiple dimensions. You can find more information further on.

Banner frames

Our banner frames range contains several possibilities. You can choose between frames you fix on the wall or frames you fix in the ground. For both of these there's the option of circular tubes or square tubes, available in different colors and sizes. Easy to adjust our products to your wishes! We guarantee optimum tension for your banners in order to keep your publicity readable at all times. Per frame you can find more information.

Free-standing frames

We have lots of signs to offer, including free-standing ones. We have 3 subcategories: Free-standing sign frame, Footplate Sign and free-standing banner frames. Each subcategorie has more information at your disposal.

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